4 Avocado Toasts – You Suck at Cooking (episode 106)

Avocado toast number one is the basic To make the basic, we'll start by toasting our bread in a vertical pop-up oven

When choosing your avocado toast bread, the main thing you're looking out for is avoiding a tough leathery crust that's gonna require you to mad dog it to bite through it Once that's toasted We'll add a layer of salted butter or mayo or nothing So grab an avocado and undo the bolt at the top that holds the peel together Now lay down pieces of your avocado to fill the bread you can mash it if you want You don't have to the most important thing is to not leave a single molecule of bread bare Then we'll add in a pinch of- Then we'll grind some salt on top add in some pepper pepper pepper and a few dabs of ketchup Just kidding It's hot sauce Don't unsubscribe Someone once asked me why put butter on avocado toast when there's already fat the fat being the avocado to which I replied it tastes better and also because two fats cancel each other out so you end up with zero calories as long as you cancel out the toast with a Second piece of toast, you know, it takes a real artist to make it look like someone ashed a cigarette on the avocado toast Mmm, that's a damn good avocado toast

And if you throw this in the freezer for around 20 minutes before you eat it It won't taste good at all So don't do that Avocado twost the breakfast it's important to remember that breakfast can be eaten for any meal of the day including breakfast We'll start by toasting our bread and a giant horizontal toaster Then we'll slather that toast with mayo and just a hint of Dijon We'll just spin the peel off then We'll lay down a comfy bed of avocado Now

We're not mashing the avocado here We're just pushing it down to keep it from sliding around since our next layer is slippery And that layer is the pre fried egg Which has already been salted then we'll grab a hunk of parmesan and run it through a cheese disassembler to add some freshly fallen Parmesan snow grind on a bit of cigarette ash and we'll just cut off some of this egg for the clickbait thumbnail this Breakfast avocado toast is a great way to start your day Afternoon evening night or a good way to settle yourself down after a challenging nightmare mmm, that's a damn good avocado toust avocado throast the feta Will use elementary toasting to cut the bread that will just take a vacuum to suck that peel off then We'll throw some pieces of avocado in a bowl add in a hunk of feta and then we'll mash it Mashing this together creates a creaminess or at least the illusion of creaminess it's hard to tell but it doesn't matter now we'll spread this on our bread before we put it in our head add on a touch of salt not as much as before because The feta is salty Then we'll gently lay down some sprigs of dill or you can throw them down with all your might or you can be super precise Mmm, that's a damn good avocado throast If you cut this into the shape of a couple toes he can make foot feta The foust is the roasted red pepper, we'll start by corking the red pepper cut it in half getting rid of some of those guts Undos on four fundos peppers go on the rack and 20 minutes later They're black then let them cool until they're around room degrees Then we'll chop them up and throw them in a bowl with a little bit of salt Now we'll take some air friction roasted red add to that a layer of salted butter Which you can go without if you like I just have a problem smashing avocado into rings then throw on a couple hunks Add the red pepper on top throw on a squeeze of lime and there's really not much more to say except Mmm, that's a damn good avocado toast, have it with a roast while walking down the coast Eat it I'm a ghost

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