9 Pizza Crust Possibilities – You Suck at Cooking (episode 108)

Pizza crusts Who needs them

They're crusty, hard, tasteless, they have the word rust in them, and worst of all, they're made of crust Well, it turns out I need them I used to see pizza crusts is nothing more than a wooden handle to hold the pizza But now I see an opportunity *increasing inspirational music* *squeaky noises* The first thing we're gonna do is cut off the mouth disgustitude with a pair of pizza crusts scissors You can also use zucchini scissors or a pizza crust knife will do the trick You can also scissor the crusts right off the pizza in the first place or order pizza with detachable crusts Pizza crust idea number one is breadsticks Breadsticks are sticks made of bread

They can also be bread that's in the shape of a stick We're gonna take some olive oil and infuse it with some basil and oregano Now we'll Bob Ross the outsides until we've got happy little crusts then sprinkle on some salt Then we're gonna throw those in the undo on four-hundo for a few minutes until they're all c r o n c h Then we'll take them out and let them cool Then you can dip them in butter or dip them in bread or dip them directly into your mouth *crunch* Mmm, that's a damn good breadstick crust The next pizza crust idea is croutons, also known as crunch cubes We'll just chop these into three dimensional squares and then what do you get? Bread dice "Haha! Jail" "raghhh!!" *flips board in anger* Then just Rembrandt some olive oil on there Or maybe we'll give these guys free tickets to the Gravitron and sprinkle on some garlic salt and a hint of pepper pepper pepper Then we'll do our shake weight exercises Undo is still on four hundo Bake for a few minutes and then Hark What do my wandering ears doth I hear? *crunch* The crunch of a crouton inside my mole ears? Next idea is bread crumbs Crust goes on the pan naked Undo is forever on four hundo Bake them until they sound like this *tap tap tap tap* [sounds like wood on wood] Then shred them in a cheese disassembler I probably should have done that in a bowl Or put them in a bag and pretend you're making a pie A very angry pie *thump thump thump* Or put them in a bag and go for a stroll A very angry stroll Then whisper pleasant thoughts to atone for your anger Now we're gonna make wispy crusticles We're gonna slice that crust into lines Picasso them with that olive oil, oregano, basil mixture Add some garlic salt Then you know the drill And what do you get? Basically thin, non-triangular Doritos, But they're not Doritos They're thin wispy crusticles Or crusty wisp strips But you should definitely give them to your kid and tell them they're Doritos Then when they taste them, watch them cry Hashtag thin wispy crusticles challenge The next pizza crust idea is exfoliation Ah, feels great The next pizza crust idea is crusty grilled cheese We'll just stuff some cheese in there throw on some butter and fry it up And there you have it, a grilled cheese tube This is great for people who are afraid of rectangles and enjoy piping hot cheese And pipes full of cheese Oh, what do we have here, another boring pizza crust? Nope Slice it like this And we have a miniature baguette

Slap on some Brie, Pour yourself some wine and have a nice picnic Alone Mmm, je t'aime France *sips* Our next pizza crust is the crustaco Now we'll just wedge that open, Slap in some taco stuff, And BOOM Crustaco Now I'm not saying it's good and I'm not saying you should And I'm not saying it doesn't look like an aardvark-possum-pig-mouse and I'm not saying it's right I'm just saying it's possible and I'm just saying it's a crustaco

Cousin to the pieraco, Equally disrespectful to both Mexico and Poland and probably Italy This next idea is the pinnacle of pizza crust possibilities Take your pizza crust And dip it in ranch That's right Ranch dressing

I don't know when ranch became the butt of every salad dressing joke on earth But ranch's greatest purpose is pizza crust dip and it will never not be great So that's my entry into the leftovers challenge The idea is, if you can, Order more takeout or delivery than you can eat in a sitting, then make something creative with the leftovers Then post and tag it Your takeout and delivery orders support restaurant workers Since that's the only business they have at the moment And if you don't like challenges, Feel free to take this as a guilt-free period of time to order out And if you want to donate directly to the Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation, There's a link below Now here's a rippin' song about pizza crust *dun dun* ♬ Pizza crust, well you must find a way to get in your bod-day [body] Pizza crust, do you lust for the taste of a bread that's so plain? Well don't make a fuss, just jump on the bus And stuff your entire face full of pizza crust Don't share it just, just keep it for us And stuff your entire life full of pizza crust~ ♬ *dun dun*

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