Bacon Jalapeño Poppers – You Suck at Cooking (episode 103)

(Intro Song) You suck at cooking, yeah you totally suck A lot of people wonder why they're called jalapeno poppers, and the reason why is because, if you take a jalapeno and flip it inside out, it'll

*pop* Magic You can, of course, avoid that by just de-popping them in advance *de-popping noises* That one's not gonna go anywhere

So we're gonna start by having these and removing the egg nests I find it's handy to scrape them out with a spoon This is where a lot of the heat is stored If you want to leave a little spicy surprise, you can just sprinkle a few of those eggs back in there >:D Ooh, those seeds are spicy

I better get drunk to counteract that *sluuuuuurp* Now after handling jalapenos, You want to wash your hands before you touch your eyes, nose, armpits, buttocks, genitalia, orifices, skin, liver, lungs, heart, brains objects, or horses

*sink noises* Joke's on me, I only washed one hand Now we're gonna take take some cream cheese, Not block cheese Not string cheese, Not cylinder cheese, Not cheese that slaps, Not parellel line cheese, Not pentagonal prism cheese, Not cheese dice, Cream cheese, okay? We'll take We'll take half a block that was supposed to be a cool chop I'm gonna soften this with microwaves That was supposd to be a cool chop I gonna soften this with microwaves *microwave door slamming* You can use any kind of waves you want Oh whoops, I mean like 20 seconds

Whoa, it's popping I didn't know that could pop Okay, so we're gonna take this softened cream cheese and add 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder but since I forgot to get more garlic powder I'm just putting in a teaspoon and a half of cumin I'm throwing in I have no idea how much pepper pepper pepper I'm squirting in some sriracha because I totally neutered the heat, pinch of salt Yeah, we'll just mix this all up, Wang jangle this all up, that's way too much cumin: trick statement There's no such thing as way too much cumin

Guys, I'm addicted to cumin and you should be too this is one of my top 10 Philadelphian foods easily and we'll start filling these up how full not full just under the brim is good Now that most of the egg nests are out of the jalapeno is you can touch all the orifices and horses that you want Let's do one where we just really fill it up See what happens with that one I'm an adult sue me, so the endo has been preheated to 400 now onto my parchment paper pen go the peppers in preparation of the procedure in which they will be pummeled by uum whatever word for heat that starts with the letter P Now we're gonna wrap these with strips of bacon also known as edible tape Which is a good idea if you A) like bacon B) enjoy the taste of bacon C) consume bacon D) are not bacon averse or E) like bacon Then we're gonna have to cut these you'll have to just make a judgment call here But I do recommend tucking under and then coming back around and tucking under again Here's an idea Let's cut it first and we're not gonna use toothpicks because if you make just 9 million of these that's an entire tree Oh and why you got the scissors feel free to snip off the rat tails? Some people like to use them as handles, but some people I don't know Into the undoh we gundo and we'll put those in for around 20 minutes Let's take a look Ooh Whoopsie do look at that Oh looking good Look at that color Mmm, and you can see why I should have made these on a wire rack

I take a plate I'll take a paper towel, which will rip off at my mouth Slide this one over to the edge Take a bite at Pizza Mmm lift these over Gently cradling them with our four prong spoon Laying them down Oh, look Do we have any problem not having to use toothpicks? No, we don't

This is the one where I filled it to the brim, see how it's spilling out a bit Now I'm not gonna lie It did accidentally melt a bag onto this burner in the process, but you know That happens sometimes when you're just neglectful in drinking Now for showmanship purposes we'll just Move these on over they're gonna be a bit hot due to the heat that was around 23 minutes total and they're looking pretty good I'm not gonna lie This cumin doesn't make them look as good as using garlic powder almost looks like dirty cheese or something, but is it worth it for the flavor? I don't know

Let's check Mm-hmm I stand by it tastes great Hey guys, if you didn't know I'm on Instagram I'm on Instagram and I do other stuff there like this this this this And this and if you lift like I do and you need a strong bag to carry weights to the gym you might want to consider the YSAC tote, that's 50 pounds That's sturdy Look at the competition: garbage

There's also dust covers, so your weights stay clean go to yousuckatcookingcom and click merch

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