Buffalo Cauliflower Wings with Blue Cheese Dip – You Suck at Cooking (episode 104)

♫ You suck at cooking yeah, you totally suck ♫ Alright So the first thing we're gonna do to make this buffalo cauliflower, is we're gonna get out and see if we can hunt down a nice wild cauli- Ohhh That is a beauty

*Grunting noises* Wow, that's a really clean break So the first we'll do is seperate the two main cauliflower wings Luckily, these ground vegetables are mostly flightless *Wings flapping* Ouch Pshhhh

Now most recipes call for battering the cauliflower with some kind of flour mixture, but this isn't the 50's The food pyramid doesn't look like this anymore Bread is for sandwiches, and flour is for gardens I say no flour No bread

Nobody likes you anymore >:0 We'll take 2 tablespoons of olive oil, a tablespoon of water, a couple pinches of salt and 2 teaspoons of garlic powder, and we'll wangjangle that into a pre buffle-ish elixir and I will pour that on top And we'll do what's known as the galloping of the cauliflower *Loud horse (?) sounds* You can also wang-jangle it with the cauliflower stock or if you want to make buffalo cauliflower Just use your 50 pound wang-jangler Undo's on fourfundo, we'll spread those onto a parchment papered pan, then into the undo it gundos for around 15 minutes While that's cooking, we'll create our buffalo sauce

We'll take 2 tablespoons of butter, get that melted, Then we'll add 1/2 a cup of pepper sauce I'm using Franks Now that the cauliflower is cooked for 15 minutes, we're gonna do some painting Just dibble and dabble the sauce on the cauliflower to and fro, in whatever way pleases you It doesn't have to look like a masterpiece like this idyllic sunset for example, and perfecto 🙂 Let's finish up the touch-up job here and throw those back in the undo for around 8 more minutes

While that's cooking, we'll whip up a blue cheese sauce- ranch would also be great 2 tablespoons of sour cream, mayo and crumbled blue cheese Wangjangle that together and voila And if you're making this for some unfortunate human who doesn't like blue cheese, just take some sour cream and put some blue food coloring in it Oh actually- aaaaaaaaaaand, perfecto x2 😀 Buffalo wings were invented in Buffalo, New York by Teresa Bellissimo

They have nothing to do with the most majestic creature of the prairies, the prairie unicorn And also nothing to do with buffalo which are actually American bison Now we'll just put these on this plate and, we'll give this a bit of a shellacking for the clickbait thumbnail and because it's totally valid to put the buffalo sauce on after Now, to keep our hands clean We'll just use a couple celery chopsticks

Mmm, there's a damn good buffalo cauliflower *cRuNcH* Mmm, those are damn good chopsticks This is also a great dish to eat with your best date fork Now if you don't want to eat buffalo cauliflower the traditional way, which is with your mouth, you can also put it in a bowl chop it up a bit, add some shredded cheddar- And then you've got buffalo cauliflower and cheese! *Loud sound of satisfaction* ♫ Well these are probably better deep fried, ♫ ♫ maybe with a bread, well I'm not sure ♫ ♫ But I like to keep it simple, ♫ ♫ Less ingredients much more pure

♫ ♫ If I want bread I'll have a sandwich, ♫ ♫ Maybe I'll eat it in the shower ♫ ♫ If I want bread, I'll make a bread smoothie ♫ ♫ I don't need bread on my cauliflower or maybe ♫ ♫ I doooooo ♫ ♫ I'm not sure ♫

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