Chili – feat. Binging with Babish (You Suck at Cooking, episode 101)

– Some chilies have 20, 40, 600-plus ingredients This one has 10, 'cause 10 is all you need

INTRO: (SINGING) You suck at cooking, yeah, you totally suck – We're gonna turn the stovetop on medium high, get in a teaspoon of oil, which isn't necessarily necessary Then throw in around 2 pounds of ground beef So we're gonna start by browning the beef Why? [INTERPOSING VOICES] That's right

Browning creates flavor Break it all up and let it sit for a couple minutes Once that starts to get nice and brown on one side, we're gonna flip it, then let it sit again Flip it and sit it Just like do when your dog's bad

Just kidding, don't flip your dog After a couple minutes, you can play meat peek-a-boo, just to check and see — yep That's browning, all right See, we're getting some nice, brown, crusty particules in there Gonna take a big, yellow onion

Preferably the kind with garlic built in the middle And systematically demolish this into smithereens And then add more garlic Coat the bottom with a little bit of olive oil Throw in the smithereens

We cook these until they just start to brown What I'm gonna do is add in a little more olive sauce We get both the built-in and independent garlic in there for just a couple minutes Now I'm going to spoon our brown beef into there You can add in 1 teaspoon of salt

I'm just gonna break that beef up a little bit more I'm gonna take a can of crushed tomatoes If you can't find powerstone crushed tomatoes, you can just give it a powerstone tap before you open it You can also play the washboard Now we'll just baptize that beef

(echoes) I hereby consecrate you with the power of tomato You're probably gonna want to start turning that down before you get chili lava all over the place Now I'm going to add 2 tablespoons of chili powder Keep in mind that any powder that you add to chili automatically becomes chili powder This cumin, for example, which I'm adding a tablespoon of, is now chili powder

Now I'll add in 1 cup of beef broth, because you want to create the sense that cattle are charging at you from multiple directions Now I'll cover that and let it simmer on low There's a bit of a debate in the chili world over whether or not you're supposed to include beans And I can honestly say after doing a lot of research on this, who gives a [BLEEP]? If you like beans and chili, put beans and chili If you don't like beans and chili but you dislike someone who also doesn't like beans and chili more than you dislike beans and chili, put beans and chili

So we'll open up a can of these chatty bastards (Laughs while talking) Wash off the bastard sauce *chuckles* Oh, no Did you see the rag touch that bean? Ooh, guys, no Kill it with fire

It's the right thing to do So that's sputtering like a dirty mass airflow sensor So we're just going to give that a bit of a wang jangle I'm gonna add in the old beans Oh, whoops, I forgot

Half a tablespoon of brown sugar, 'cause we need as many brown things as possible We're gonna let this simmer for another half an hour to an hour Some people associate chili with toughness Like, you're a lumberjack or someone who chops trees down If you wanna sort of go down that toughness road, you can use a wang jangler that's attached to a brick, also known as a brang jangler

But if you're just a cool, laid-back dude with nothing to prove, you can use a tiny whisk, also known as a tang wangler But if you're on a whole 'nother level of toughness, you can use a steel mace wang jangler, also known as a stang mangler Additionally, you can also just add in no more than a single drop of tough sauce Ooh, let's be careful And we'll just wang tangle that up

[SLURPS] 0% WABS Toppings Who needs 'em? I do Shredded cheddar, sour cream, scallion, chopped tomato, cilantro, tortilla chips, woodchips, everything in a special place forever It's like you're building the meal on top of the chili

It's almost as if the chili becomes the most flavorful rice you could ever possibly imagine That's a damn good chili Alternatively, instead of putting things on chili, you could put chili on things, such as rice, a baked potato, or a hot dog And luckily, I've got my pal Binging with Babish here, who's gonna show you how to make that hot dog YSAC- Hey, what's up, guys? Welcome back to Binging with Babish

And today, we're gonna make a hot dog BWB- Ahem BWB- How about I handle the hot dogs? YSAC- I'm not sure what you mean, since clearly I'm Binging with Babish BWB- Right YSAC- I mean, I'm Binging with Babish, who is you

BWB – Yeah, well, you know what? You suck at cooking YSAC – Ouch, that hurt me right in the feelings BWB – You know what, man, that was totally uncalled for BWB – I'm sorry, under a lot of stress recently Thank you very much for making the chili

YSAC – Still hurts, but you're welcome Anyway, head on over to Binging with Babish to see how he handles that hot dog And by the way, we both have cookbooks out, which you can get in stores or online His totally awesome cookbook has a ton of great recipes by someone who knows what he's actually doing And both books are great if you like looking at words, reading pictures, wrestling paper, lighting things on fire, or even reading

Here's a link to the chili dog And links to both books are below BWB out

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