Cold Brew Coffee – You Suck at Cooking (episode 24)

You suck at cooking, oh my god, you suck So, "Cold Brew Coffee" Might be the easiest and most delicious way to make coffee; Depending on whether or not you like cold things

And coffee These are the locally roasted, dark, Espresso beans I recommend using a hand-grinder from either, say like, the 60's Or the 20's I already did that earlier It didn't take me more than six hours – You want it to be somewhat coarse just because it makes filtering it easier Ideally, you're using quad osmosis distilled spring water from an Iceberg, but tap water also works great – And what you can do is put into one Mason jar, then- *pouring* Pour it into /another/ Mason jar Pour that back And than at least one more timeThat's triple distilled- Mason water

or- " trip dismay" for short And from there you take your coffee This is a half pound

You just pour that right in there Stir that up nice and good, then Step one is complete Leave that overnight – Leave it for at least 12 hours

( Stir it a couple times before you go to bed! ) While the coffee is brewing, I like to relax Let my bun down Work on some tunes -uh- A lot of people ask me why I make cold brews: The winter's coming

Why not in the summer? and to be honest, like, everyone's doin' in the summer and, just, it's kind of embarrassing how everyone wants to do cold brew Just 'cuz it's hot out My band and I are working on an album right now- We're called "Trinkets for Miles" and -uh- We're only posting our single on The Dark Web -uh- It's called "Maybe, at Best" So that's going to be pretty cool It's one of my favorite instruments

( Referring to Ukulele on screen ) I just like that it -uh- has such a full spectrum sound You sort of really feel it to your core – (When you) Play it *Strumming of the instruments on screen accompanied by various "Oh's"* It's -uh- the next day aaand we are ready – *lid screwing* – to filter this cold brew *Lid clank* Like it's nobody's business, except my business

All the grounds are at the bottom now I'm just going to stir them up one more time 'cuz I feel like it'll make it stronger Take a pot, and A mesh thing

( Wire Strainer ) Now ideally you want to use an old burlap sack But I got some cheesecloth here That we're going to use to filter this out Then you just pour this in

*Pouring sounds + light tapping* Lift the strainer out and let it drain Gonna give that a good squeeze and then you've got Perfectly delicious cold brew Now you want to get that back in your mason jar as quickly as possible So you minimize contact with anything that's not a Mason jar Take a piece of cardboard, grab a pen, and then just make a nice label How'dya spell "Echoes"? You want to tie that on

To the jar Gonna Instagram that in a couple o' weeks Put your lid back on it Put it in the fridge, keep it nice and cold It should last for up to a month It's a good idea to stir before you pour, though, because Particles can fall to the bottom

Can follow gravity To the bottom So now that you have your cold brew, you're ready to start writing your novel I'm working on a sort of Kafka-Edgar style book with a "Choose Your Own Adventure" – Element to it

Sip your cold brew, and feel it out, and y'know See where the inspiration takes you Standing on the road Standing on the road Standing on the- Roo-aa-oooo-aa-oo-aad

I wonder where it goes? I wonder where that road goes when I'm standing on the road – Ooo aa oooaad Ooooohhh Oooohhhh *Various fading "Oh's" (( Like the video if you enjoyed This guy puts a lot of effort into his videos

)) (( If you're new to his content, I reckon It's worth your time to check out more )) (( All that being said, the sarcasm in this video is nearly lethal Contact a doctor if severely offended ))

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