Crispy Ramen Salad – You Suck at Cooking (episode 21)

You suck at cooking Yeah, you totally suck Salad I agree it sounds boring, but this one's really delicious

This is a napa cabbage and what we're going to do is We're going to grab this we're going to start breaking it down into its basic components Now this is an okay size, but we're probably going to want to go one level deeper Okay, you don't want to go smaller than this size once you go smaller than this size the texture? just Not the texture you want in a salad So we're going to get this cabbage shredded what you want to do is take an empty can I'm going to use a pecan here to put the cabbage spheres in which is not to be confused of the pecan which is a type of nut and you also want to confuse a pecan with a toucan which is also a type [of] bird and You definitely don't want to confuse that with a [for] can which is invention I made that allows you to you know take a sip I'm going to take a bite this gives you a ton of leverage You know it's like one grip one meal That's trademarked and copyrighted so don't Don't–I the basic technique is you take that your pecan and you? Poke a couple holes in it You know what I think You know I think it might [be] easier to chop That's getting awkward [I've] got a lot of criticism for how I'm going to chop my fingers off base my technique So basically gonna try the other the technique they recommend That's hard You know end up with some amount of cabbage that looks sort of [like] this a cup of Bean Sprouts [I'm] [Gonna] chop them Vic smile I'm said to put those in the bowl some versions of this recipe call for mushrooms So I just threw those directly in the garbage because mushrooms are gross then you can take some Green onion Dr Jones, so we're Gonna take a cookie sheet I'm going to put our sliced almonds on there and I can't remember how much sunflower seeds since we're going to broil these if you've never broiled anything all it is that the Burner on the top is on so hot that it will burn your food instantly, okay? I can already hear it sizzling not trying to Brag but Those are looking gold see that gold One more minute and it's black let's get into the dressing what we need is about a [half] [cup] of vegetable oil couple Table cook We'll call that two tablespoons of soy sauce three teaspoons of white vinegar or [you] could use apple Cider vinegar two teaspoon of sugar The one thing that really makes this sesame oil, if you've never owned a bottle [of] sesame oil Make preparations for crotch explosion because this stuff is made from These really delicious seeds how much which is that one teaspoon? Let's double that up I love to overdo it and then regret it later Let's go three and take whatever ramen noodles you buy and get the flavor pack out

I [won't] like the veggie I think veggie is probably the right choice and throw that in there taste It change it the only thing that matters is if you like it Okay, so you're going to let the dressing sit for 20 minutes [to] make sure all those particulars dissolve So I'm going to take the noodles I Struggled through this like a chump only to get an email from my mom afterwards the other thing I forgot to mention It's easiest to [break] up the ramen noodles when they're still in the package before opening it just smash it with your [fist] a few Times, thanks Mom I decided to sort of test out this time-saving device I've been working on saves you all the mixing time Just get it going hey Oh, yeah, just get it going [oh] [let's] tie Let's do this manually and here we go Well, okay

Sorry that was supposed to hit here so that hits here net knocks what this oop? Across these are supposed to be over here Oh over here Okay, that didn't Go as far That's not even a thing, but it's supposed to hit okay I'll just give it a nudge So that comes, and then we'll just– Devon Devon You left your shoes and pants out here Okay, I was supposed to hit a little harder that jostles that goes down and then [oh] so with enough force that just comes down and then it has no choice, but to just that and that's what should have started back here a Good swing in and then Hits this Slope okay It's not a battery

I think so, basically You just I would knock that in Somehow even just holding like the extra grip you get from the drill Just makes it a lot easier anyway close sense so we'll just mix that up and then you gotta eat it now though like basically this is ready to serve so I Hope I'm hungry You suck at cooking Oh my God You suck you [suck] at cooking Oh my God you You suck at cooking Oh my God

You suck so much at cooking

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