Egg in a Hole – You Suck at Cooking (episode 18)

You suck at cooking- *stove* *pan* *bread* *butter* *hole* *holed butter bread on pan on stove* *crack* *egg* *pepper pepper pepper* *salt* YSAC = HowToBasic *flip* *hand* *chocolate* YSAC: Mmm *flip* *plop* *hot sauce* *fork* YSAC: Mmm *fork* YSAC: mmMm *fork* YSAC: MmMmmmMMM *fork* YSAC: Mm

*plonk* Yeah you totally suck You suck at cooking, oh my god you suck You suck at cooking, oh my god, You suck so much at cooking, you suck so much *ham* *fork* YSAC: Mmm


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