Fire Roasted Pierogis – You Suck at Cooking (episode 20)

You suck at cooking, Yes, you are completely crap! First discovered by Polish sellers in the 1400s Pierogi has taken a special place in the hearts of many Because of her resemblance to half a month its aerodynamic shape and its delicious taste but can you cook one on a campfire ?? I met a girl recently who told me that it is an excellent way to cook it I intend to find out if he's right or if she was drunk but before let's take a second, and think about where it came from and what it took them to get here * music * It feels like you left just yesterday but it was a very long time since you were on your way oh, pierogi, in-traditare you're so little and pasty but you have so much personality outside you're all white but you have so much inside ca, cheese, bacon oh, i just wanna have a mouth oh, you lose you make me so emotional sorry that i am hungry and have to die *instrumental* and we won't forget how did you go about your death you didn't blink and you have no regrets if in future life you will need a reference I will say that you were the best oh, pierogiiiiiiiiiiiiii small, lost, pierogiiiiii pierogiii ripe iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii the results came, and she was not drunk this pierogi is delicious it's a little crunchy, a little a little smoked and it's a great way to bake it grilling it on the grill would be perfect I I think I'll bring a bag of kegs next time I come to the campsite get a FRIPTURA !! The steak is also delicious but lost, it was the main event here tonight that's for sure not that they were

that's a lie and that looks like the head of a creepy horse * more music * Get in a canoe to relax spend the day wandering around the best swirls in the water and let your problems melt departee go to the forest and make a mess make a cedar wig with some eyes from a fir cone make a mustache from the leaves and then change numeleee wander across the country and don't look back that's your old life and you don't need it go into the new city and never talk to anyone again get a new house and a new servant delete all social media cut everyone in your life they are just negative and you just don't need that if you ever meet someone you know deny,, deny, deny that you are and deny, deny, deny, until they leave don't worry about reaction, just keep living in just your mustache and this is how you can melt all your stress departeeee Devon, you are in the picture !!!

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