Foraging – You Suck at Cooking (episode 16)

[Intro] You suck at cooking, yeah you totally suck When most of us think about cooking, we immediately think of groceries, or going to the grocery store, but

there's lots of food you can find in the wild, if you know what you're looking for Look at that Here we have some blueberries

They're a really delicious berry, and they get their name from the, um, color of their outer skin Lucky to find these wild raspberries; they're really tricky to find

I had to hike about two or three miles from any sign of civilization just to find these guys One of the things that prevents people from finding food in the wild is not knowing whether or not something is safe

So, I've encountered these berries, and I don't recognize them So, what I'll usually do is I'll if you look behind some of the leaves, you might find some

signs that will give — yeah, see this one? I would definitely avoid That does not look safe to me It's very pretty though Whenever I see little caves and nooks and crannies like this, I know it's a good opportunity to trap food So, we've got these sticks around in a circle then You're building this so that the food will be able to like crawl up and over here But then, it'll have nowhere to go and won't be able to crawl back out this way, if you do it right, so Now, trees are a really excellent source of food

Grab these and give this a good shake It looks like a kind of cereal Can be really tasty Hm, a bit of honey flavor Alright, so we should head back and

check and see how our trap is doing Where are we hereit's right over this ledge [chuckles] Oh my god, look at that Looks like we got either a chicken or a turkey pot pie It's definitely not *blows* gonna be beef this time of year, but, uh

that is a really sweet score That probably means there's tons of chicken our turkey pot pies in these cliffs here I'm not gonna put it out of its misery on camera; you guys don't need to see that but, my god it is totally mature Cool thing about learning to find food in the wild is, if you ever were to get caught up somewhere, you can

have a little more confidence — [growling & shouts] I think it was just a dog My heart is racing right now I'm just gonna show you one more thing

Basically, how to fish There's lots of stuff you can get from the lake If you're somewhere where there's a dock that's been in the water for a few years, if you reach around underneath you can find little nuggets like these I don't know what you call 'em, but they have a strong flavor and they are edible

If you watch really closely in the water and wait for something to swim by, you can just reach down and grab it There's a fresh tuna

Look at that [chuckles] A fresh pork chop sandwich from the lake It is definitely late August Mmm It's been a really good day for finding food; that's for sure

Really grateful [Outro] You suck at cooking, oh my god, you You suck at cooking, oh my god, you

You suck at cooking, oh my god, you You suck so much I'm definitely definitely gonna eat this pork chop


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