Green Beer (You Suck at Cooking) Episode 87

A long long time ago in Ireland, everyone was sad because it rained all the time The people went to St

Patrick, which was his birth name and said: "Can you make the rain go away?" He was like "nah, but I can make it more tolerable" So he invented beer So people drank beer and noticed rain less and were like, "Yeah, this is great!" And St Patrick was like, "By the way, f*** the Druids, they don't even write" *PEW* And people were like, *drunken mumbling* Then St

Patrick invented the clover and people were so drunk they thought they can make it to the end of the rainbow and something about leprechauns I don't usually celebrate St Patrick's Day, even though I've got half Irish blood I don't mean I'm half Irish, I mean I get a transfusion every week just to keep me extra feisty [speaking foreign language (sorry I don't understand it)] The first step to making green beer is to add some food coloring, and then add beer

(Pretty simple, right?) ♫ Outro Music ♫ Happy St Patrick's day everybody!

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