Melodic Lentils – You Suck at Cooking (episode 46)

Then go into the cupboard and get yourself a pot Then grab yourself an onion, and then give it a chop Then throw it in with oil, take some garlic and press, saying "grab your favourite implement and wangjangle it" Add some lentils, water, and then throughly drown (drown) Then put in some Garam masala and some sugar thats brown Then continue to wangjangle it until it cooks down Plate, taste, give it a try Once you confirm that it's delicious, then go outside Find a comfy spot that's pretty nice to recline Because the lentils are so tasty that you might as well die! Go out on a high! It's time to say bye! So just keep your eyes– closed Then move towards the light But just one more bite And just one last fight Don't forget to subscrite Hello? Somebody? Hello? Anybody?!

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