Peanut Butter Chocolate Robot Balls – YSAC (ep. 33)

*whirr* *whirr* *whiiiiiiiiiiiiiirr* *squeak* *squeak x2* Pimblokto: *sigh* *distorted* You suck at cooking yeah you totally suck Hello My name is Pimblokto Today we're going to make peanut butter chocolate balls A great treat to give to your friends, family, or sweetheart Start by taking four tablespoons of butter

Simply cut it with your knife, or into the markings on the package It's very easy when the butter is room temperature *whirring* *metal clanging* Apply even pressure There we go Good job everybody Unwrap the butter and discard the package Put the butter in a pot Then, heat on a stove, which should still be on from the last time you cooked Now we'll put two cups of sugar in a bowl Open the package with a knife Son of a b**ch I broke my bowl Oh sh*t Actually, it seems fine Open the package with the knife Then, pour exactly two cups of sugar into the bowl make sure the amounts are exact Use your magnetispherescope Use your mag— Unscrew the lid with your hands and put one cup of peanut butter into the bowl Pour the heated —Ouch– Pour the— —Owowowowowowouuuuchhh— Pour the heated butter into the bowl —Ouch— Son of a b**ch, that hurts Make sure to scrape the excess peanut butter —ouch— back into the bowl *pot tumbles away* Take your hand mixer and plug it in Turn on your hand mixer and use it to mix the contents of the bowl *hand mixer thuds against everything° Oh sh*t *thud thud thud* Oh f*ck This is out of control Somebody help somebody help That was a great warmup The trick is to get the right grip Mix the contents of the bowl until they are smooth Actually, it's better to hand mix the last part so the peanut butter will taste less like a machine Mix until smooth Good job everybody Take a bowl, and open your chocolate chips with a knife Or with your hands Or with a pair of scissors Pour six ounces of chocolate chips into a bowl then follow the melting instructions on the package In this case, we will use the microwave Good job everybody Throw your cutting board in the sink Take a baking sheet Cover with wax paper Make perfect peanut butter spheres then dip them in the chocolate Actually, I prefer to make asymmetrical shapes because they have a more dynamic appearance Don't be afraid to be creative Take the pan, and put it in the freezer or refrigerator Once cooled, take them out and serve And there you have it: Super deluxe, chocolate peanut butter, asymmetrical shape creation turbo-delicious dessert treat smack yummy fun taste surprise experience Good job everybody (just look at the screen ok) (extra 0s and 1s) I wish I was human So I could g-g-go out and play One day, I'll be human and have so much fun outside *music* *music fades* *silence*

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