Potatoes – You Suck at Cooking (episode 74)

We'll start by washing a potato under cold tap water Then we'll fill a pot with water

It can be cold or hot water Turn on the stove, place the pot on the burner, then put the potato inside the pot Putting a lid on the pot will make the water boil more quickly Once that's boiling, you can reduce the temperature a little bit You'll want to let it cook for between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on how thick your potato is

You can check it every now and then with a fork Once it's tender all the way through, it's done That's not quite done yet If too much water boils off you can add more hot water We'll just check it again here

Seems like it still needs a few more minutes It's been around 15 minutes now, so I'm gonna test it again And that feels pretty tender

So I'm going to place it on a plate, and turn off the stove Then you can cut it open Sprinkle on some salt, a little bit of butter, and some pepper And that's all there is to making a potato *Happy April Fools!*

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