Roasted Peppers – You Suck at Cooking (episode 13)

(High pitched intro) (Orange): Okay, okay Who am I? Help, I live in a jar, I'm green and my life sucks! (Yellow): Pickle! (Orange): Yep, pickle

(Yellow): Ha, that was so easy! Okay, my turn I’m so white and totally gross inside (Orange): An egg? (Yellow): Yep, an egg (Orange): Well, a white egg Not a brown egg

(Yellow): Well, obviously a white egg (Orange): Okay, my turn I'm long and orange and look like a narrow pointy di— (Yellow): Carrot! (Orange): Yep, carrot (Yellow): Oh my god, that was so easy! You totally suck at this Give me a challenge! (Orange): It's my turn to guess

(Yellow): Come on! That was too easy (Orange): That's a load of hogwash! (Yellow): Then I guess the game's over (Orange): Fine! I'm yellow and nobody likes me (Yellow): Banana! (Orange): Nope! I’m yellow and super obnoxious, and I don't have any friends (Yellow): Oh, squash! (Orange): Nope! I’m yellow, and I'm a full-on tool, and I have no friends, and I'm staring right at you

(Yellow): Did I say banana already? (Orange): Yep, you said banana (Yellow): And I said squash (Orange): Yes, you said squash *Sad intrumental starts playing* (Yellow): Oh (Yellow): It's me

(Orange): Yep, it's you (Yellow): Wow That really hurts (Orange): Well, I'm sick of it Always tearing everybody down

(Yellow): Hey, you know what? We're not here very long We're gonna die soon Probably cut up, and I just wanted to make the best of it If I made you feel bad, then I'm sorry pal I'm really sorry I made you feel that way

For real (Orange): Wow (Orange): Well, I accept your apology (Yellow): Great, wanna hug it out? (Orange): Yeah, let's do that (Yellow): I didn't fully think the hug part through

(Orange): Yeah, me neither (YSAC): Take a pan, oil, pepper, pepper, 400 degrees (fahrenheit), put 'em in the oven, 20 minutes, out of the oven Flip them over, back in the oven, 20 minutes, take 'em out, and we're done Congratulations *High pitched* You suck at cooking, oh my god, you suck

You suck at cooking, oh my god, you suck so much at cooking You suck so much (Yellow): Honestly

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