Roasted Pumpkin Seeds – You Suck at Cooking (episode 22)

[YSAC Theme] Sharpie Pumpkin Knife [Pumpkin cutting sounds] Scissors Lets give him some nice bangs Bedpan Toothbrush Can anybody tell me why we operated through the face? Oh, here we go That's what we're looking for Gonna be very careful with these things Usually you should put a big ball of tape on one end- [Flatlining sound] I DO NOT like that sound Can you pitch that down a bit please? [Flatlining quiets] Thank you Um, clamp Its having no effect We're losing him! Suction! Gimme suction! [Vacuum noises] Gimme the banana,maybe that's what he was living for Lets get that back in there No! Not on my watch! Just got this thing Lysol wipe This thing cost me 10 bucks [Long sigh] Well, we did what we could Could only do so much [Glove fart] [Glove farting] Huh Lets get you patched up [Hammer noises] [Long sigh] I'm starving [Clanging] Well, there's really no need to waste these So So what we're going to do is Start to separate the seeds from the goop And the hair Just wanna pull the goop off I guess I never done this before [Ding] [Ding] Sounds like Uh being at a casino [More dinging] Put some water in here Give these seeds a nice bubble bath The goops gonna kinda Fall to the bottom Take a pan Spreading these out Some olive oil

Some fresh salt I'm going to try doing Half With smoked paprika I'm going to do half with a little curry powder over here Mix that side Mix this side This feel really watery I probably should have dried them But I don't know what I'm doing And you know what? Lets just mix some in the middle A little bit of both It'll be like a spectrum of flavor Great Onions on 350 And we're just gonna put those On the rack And keep an eye on them for about 10 minutes This isn't the worst time to be think about cleaning up the operating theater Don't know if I need to but,im gonna just Wrastle them up a little bit These are looking, starting to look golden Lets try one For the sake of

Taste purposes Ow! Why did I do that? *Whispers* Just look at it Marvel [Extreme Crunching Noises!™] Mm Extra crispy Mm Mm I like it And that maybe took 15 minutes Its probably because I put too much olive oil (piano music starts) I didn't put enough spice on Can hardly taste it So No more than that much spice The pumpkin seeds are delicious But [Sigh] Now I have to do the hard part Biggest challenge of the job is informing the family Protocol states,You have to Um Say dead or or died twice To make sure they understand [Dialing] [Ringing] Employee: Chalupa Burrito Hey, can I get a large beef with double Chalupa sauce please? Employee: Great, can I have a name please? Uh, no Employee: That'll be ready in 10 minutes Great, thank you [Hangs up] Oh yeah, you got to be sensitive So guys the bad news is he's dead Because, he died And the good news is your lifespan is only about 2 weeks long from this point So You know you just gotta get out there and live it to the fullest Aaaaand Um You know Try not to let it get you down too much, and Let me know if you need anything at all You can, You can give me a call So *Pumpkin Bump* Take care guys You suck at cooking Oh my god, you suck, You suck At cooking Oh my god, you suck So Much At cooking You suck So Much The End Subscribe for more! [And continue to suck at cooking]

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