Slam Poetry Popcorn – You Suck at Cooking (episode 55)

The autumn I told you that popcorn was magic, reached into a pocket and pulled out a handful, stuffed it in my face with full eye contact, You never called me back Corn

Kernel A kernel of knowledge On the counter encountering kernels, overcoming hurdles On top of the onion, we heat up a pan, some coconut oil from faraway lands, the molecules moving and start to expand, with a shake of a hand; Friction Chicken A kernel like an egg the size of a drop, underneath an inferno that's getting real hot; once that spark is ignited you know it can't stop –unless you turn it off It's been twenty seconds since you filled it up, you might feel the urge to just stop and give up, you lazy F%&@

Pressure I'm four feet from my dresser Four minutes away from texture mouth pleasure That oil sizzles hot and it stings like a b&tch, like a pin in your finger instead of the stitch, one of your best friends in bed with the one you were with, or a very small rock in your shoe, at the tip, with miles to go and nowhere to sit If I only had velcro, I'd give it a zip

A holster with nothing to shoot from the hip, when the bottle lands sideways while trying to flip, an entire dry breadstick with nothing to dip, a kink in your knee when you're trying to skip Pain Hurts Lid A glass ceiling

A container of motion, held stiff with my fist; can't stop this commotion: we're not making popcorn, we're making a potion to heal the world –or for snacking purposes Exploding Like an idea Also like popcorn because it actually is that

What started as kernels expanding so full, we put that expansion inside of a bowl, an above ground hole Salt from the sea, smoked paprika, then Wangjangle™ Then grab it by the fistful, transport it to your face-hole, fill it like you're shoving love inside the gap inside your soul Soon you'll be full with your head full of clouds, delicious small crispiness cracking out loud, Uncle Mark looking down I need to wash my ceiling Not exactly proud Two cars with only a one-door garage, is popcorn real or just a mirage? Reality Beneath that hard shell of armor that makes us so tough, there's light fluffy softness and unspoken thoughts

(unless you're a bit of a blatherer You might have said everything already Probs TMI

) Because sometimes life is tough, you're past the point of having had enough, the tears start to fall like you're leaking your soul, your chest starts to swell and your gut stirs[?] a hole Brace for the shock and let it roll through you Then reach for the popcorn

Open up Let it soothe you *crunching* But as you get to the bottom of that bowl, take those unpopped kernels, and lift with a feather Then keep them in a special place, [whispered] forever Because popcorn will always have your back

Popcorn will never give you flack Popcorn will never borrow five dollars and not pay it back Popcorn will never borrow your car, get into a fender bender, then say it was already like that when it brings it back So never be afraid to pop Corn Also we need to SAVE THE OCEAN The End Bye

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