Special Breakfast and Bagel Trick – You Suck at Cooking (episode 99)

Your first kiss, graduating from high school, falling in love You think life can't get any more special and then you learn this one simple bagel trick

Bagel tycoons hate me for exposing this The bagel conglomerate wants you to do this But if you want to maximize your bagel potential you can do this perfect, then then this Three slices That's one more slice than the bagel cartels want you to have

The bagel barons definitely don't want you doing that with this monster I was able to get five bagel slices out of this guy Not only do you get more bagel slices you get this The hubless wheel The uncrusted circle The unicorn of bagel slices which is a textural dream These thin slices are so much better for making sandwiches since dense bagels make for an overwhelmingly bready sandwich In other words, Thick bread is bad, thin bread is good Now, let's make special breakfast Why is it called special breakfast? You'd have to ask the inventor My friend Leslie Whose actual name is Lindsay Who everyone calls Louise On account of her name being Lucy I'm gonna use an entire half a bagel for this because I refuse to be contained by my own rules Throw it in your plastic toasting machine until it's golden brown aka toasted then cover it with cream cheese

I'm not sure what's up with these holeless bagels But I think it has to do with them being baked by a person rather than made in a factory where everything is perfect just like your life I like to use enough cream cheese so that I can feel my arteries constricting with every bite then add on some salsa then add some avocado and finish it with salt and pepper pepper pepper and that's it Special breakfast Maybe it's special because it's so easy Maybe it's special because it tastes awesome or maybe people just throw the word special around until it doesn't mean anything anymore nobody knows [Mumbling] Damn that's a good special breakfast And then you want to take those leftover bagel seeds and put them in a special place forever What we do know is that special breakfast can be Step One to hacking your morning routine Step Two is makeup If you follow me on Instagram you know I recently launched a makeup line

We've got carrot lipstick, raspberry blush with a scallion brush, blueberry mascara with apple stem applicator and it comes with an orange peel carrying case These products are vegan, organic, bpa-free, although we did add a lot of gluten so beware of that So since I posted this a lot of people have been asking me to do a tutorial so that's what I'm gonna do now So let's start with the carrot lipstick It's pretty straightforward, just like any lipstick

You just stick it on the lips The instructions are built in Blush is named after the term blushing where your cheeks get red and um, it gives you that hot embarrassed look

Not trying to look like a clown here, just a person who may or may not be a clown Now you can't really tell where the blush starts and the skin ends Oh! I just realized I was supposed to use the scallion brush for the blush, but I used a mascara applicator but that just speaks to the versatility of these products

And then I'll just do a quick smokey eye tutorial since that's a a very new popular thing Seamless is the name of the game here

You want people to think it's a natural smoke, not applied smoke It's not cheating to use a little bit of magic marker You can see how it brings out the natural skin texture

Again that's looking pretty smoky Oh, right You're supposed to do a little smoke under the eye too, I forgot

There we go Now I have to say, we are looking pretty darn special [Peaceful piano music] Like having a baby and getting up five times a night to feed it until you feel like you're gonna lose your damn mind Like buying your first car so you can directly contribute to the climate crisis Like going for an autumnal walk when leaves are just starting to cha-! aaaaaaAAAAAARRRRGGHHHH Like when your book is selected as one of Amazon's best of 2019 (thank you!) [Cawing Birds]

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