Spicy Peanut Butter Soup – You Suck at Cooking (episode 27)

♪YOU SUCK AT COOKING YEAH YOU TOTALLY SUCK♪ Hey everyone, today we are making soup, spicy peanut butter soup This is a recipe I learned from my friend Emily, And, uh, what I did was I took her recipe and then I added flavor and deliciousness to make it edible and tasty

So, uh, let's get right into it The basis of any good soup is broth and the main components of a good veggie broth are onions, garlic, carrot, and celery Gonna take a pot and fill it with two cups of water and take a veggie bouillon cube and you're gonna put that in there, and then get that onto the stove until that completely dissolves *chopping sounds* Put our onion on medium, throw in some olive oil into a big pot Throw the oven in there and we'll let that simmer while we get the rest of the vegetables ready Take a couple carrots, take a nice pan and give 'em a good whack Set those aside for now You wanna grab some broccoli, give that a good whack

Another way to do that would be to chop it with a knife really fine (the normie way) or use this, like, sort've, food processor thing It, like, has a rip cord or an electric one Or you can also make it chunky if you don't wanna chop that much or don't have a food processor

So, what's great is I've already overcooked the onions, you can see they're starting to get burnt I'm gonna throw the carrots in there to get them

also burnt Have them simmer a little bit I did a little breakdown in the difference between, uh, my soup and Emily's soup Uhhmm Hers is solid at around like a 14 That's really good when you consider you could go to negative infinity Mine's tops out in the high nineties It's kinda interesting to see the evolution of it So, our broth has been sitting on the stove and that cube has completely dissolved, I'm gonna go ahead and pour our homemade broth in there To that, I'm gonna add a can of diced tomatoes and a can of pre-drained chickpeas A teaspoon of chili sauce, about a teaspoon of a little more brown sugar I'm gonna take a handful of peanuts and then just crush those into peanut butter Only problem with doing it this way is you have to pick a lot of the shells out and stuff I have this homemade batch I made earlier, I'm gonna take, I dunno A huge couple of spoonfuls You're just gonna do this to taste, but put in a lot It's really good, you're gonna love it

unless you hate it You're gonna get that stirred in there We're gonna add in some peppper pepper pepper and some salt

I seem to have lost my fresh lock bag I've added some more ingredients than Emily had in her soup, you can sort've see the impact that has, um, in this chart here Like, on a tastiness scale, Emily's soup Um, nine percent, that's still good Mine has, y'know, quite a bit more tastiness, but If you're the kind of person who's got, say five times the normal amount of tastebuds, this soup is gonna be too much for you, that soup's gonna be perfect So

Sometimes these differences are what makes a friendship strong So Get that broccoli in there You got a nice cornucopia of colors happening here Another one of the main differences in my approach to the soup and Emily's is the work required Y'know, some people just like to wing it and just do what's easy and not really care about the outcome and then some people like to make sure that you're really gonna have a good experience and enjoy it So, that's just another sorta difference in our soup approach here

So, you gotta bide your time while that's simmering And one thing I like to do is take a cucumber

*brief guitar strum* That's good *clears throat* ♪There's

♪ ♪There's a right way to make soup♪ ♪and there's a wrong way too♪ ♪It's a personal decision♪ ♪But the way you make soup's up♪ ♪To yooouu♪ *slight sigh* *crunch and guitar strings strum* Mmm Here we have the finished product, once the broccoli and carrot are cooked through, it's pretty much done Uh, you can simmer it for longer if you want And I had to get one more chart, um

Y'know, it looks bad for Emily, it's not though Like, this is not out of one hundred, it's out of four hundred So, you can see like Emily's coming in close to like in the thirties, I'm sort've more coming off the four hundred level Um, it might go on further, I'm not sure, Devon threw this together Y' know, Emily's just really enhanced my life by showing me, um her version of the soup and

And that was just really nice of her, um, so dig in, guys *CRASH* ♪One thing that I'm good at is♪ ♪taking someone's soup♪ ♪and making it way better♪ ♪Double, triple, or maybe quadrup♪ ♪It's hard to quantify♪ ♪But taste it, soup don't lie♪ ♪I've got no aliby

I'm guilty♪ ♪Of making This soup's so god damn tasty♪ ♪Oh, oh♪ ♪ You suck At Cooking

Oh, my God,♪ ♪You suck♪ *paper crinkle* There- There's one more chart, but we don't really need to talk about this one, it's like I'm not even sure where this data comes from

I mean, data's data, it's legit, but we'll just, if you wanna screenshot that Um

we'll just *paper folding sounds* *paper folding sounds*

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