SUPER BOWLogna – You Suck at Cooking (episode 32)

♪ You suck at cooking, yeah, you totally suck ♪ Today, I'm gonna show you how to make Super Bowl-ogna to help you get pumped up for the big game, but since bologna's gross, let's make a cocktail instead Take some bourbon, add in some ginger beer, a wedge of lime, some ice, and hopefully, this drink will help you get through the 100 commercials and 11 minutes of gameplay

♪ You suck at– ♪ Also, if you're sick of drinking straight-up beer, take your favorite logger and just add in a bit of ginger beer to create a ginger beer shandy, also known as a ginger beer beer ♪ You suck at cooking– ♪ Also, if you don't drink alcohol, take one part ginger beer, and add to that one part ginger beer for a double-reverse ginger beer classic ♪ You suck– ♪ And if you just hate bubbles, a glass of almond milk is a perfectly acceptable way to enjoy football ♪ You suck at cooking– ♪ And if you find you're overhydrated, a small glass of nothing will really help you to bring your body back into balance ♪ –yeah you totally suck ♪

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