Toasted Walnut Potato Salad – You Suck at Cooking (episode 56)

Potato salad has a bad reputation On account of it often looking, feeling, smelling, sounding and tasting gross But we're not making this garbage We're making this garbage To make this potato salad you'll need *every ingredient listed at once* But first I wanna show you my new cutting board My Uncle Jim made this and gave it to me before he died And I just wanna say, wherever you are, Uncle Jim Thank you for the beautiful cutting board And I'm glad you still haven't died These are small potatoes but to get real baby potatoes you have to steal them from their parents Usually they're in logs since potatoes are a softwood Uhh look at that But you gotta be careful because the parents are usually lurking not too far Woah! There's the dad Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah! *Potatoes are viciously chopped* *Potatoes are viciously sorted* Some olive oil, a bit of salt Pepper, pepper, pepper Give 'em a toss or if you prefer you can wanjangle them Take a pan with parchment parchment parchment paper Ondo's on four hundo Chop up a shallot *Shallot is viciously chopped* And take a bit of olive oil Some balsamic Dijon We're gonna add walnut oil to this So take your walnut and just *Walnut is viciously squeezed* Pour some walnut oil in there This is like an essential oil bath for shallots Now take a couple dill pickles *Dill pickles are viciously chopped* And keep them in a special place temporarily Let's wrastle these up a bit Then throw those back in Throw in way too many chopped walnuts Put the rest of that shallot in here Your shell's so wrinkly, you're probably old or something Hahaha roasted We're gonna grab these outta the onion Take your dirty olive bowl and give them a nice slide down the parchment paper express That's the most exciting thing that has ever happened to these potatoes Now this is the most exciting thing to ever happen to these potatoes We can wangjangle that a little bit Or you can toss your potato salad Let's get these roasted shallots and walnuts in here Pepper pepper pepper Bit of salt Now let's get those dill pickles out of their special place If you don't like dill pickles, you know what you are Now if you wanna make it extra creamy, take an avocado, smush it *Excited groan* More You know, now you've got a great potato salad, the only problem is The name of this dish is called potato salad Which contains two of the most boring words that have ever been invented So let's try something else Like maybe pottatta saladda or potatski soladski or sotato palad or ice cold potato chili or saucy potato chunks that taste great or bowl of soft lumpy potato chips Now let's just make it a little more badass by serving it on a plate with a few knives or on top of a real human skull or teetering on the edge or in a burning ring of fire, the more dangerous the better And if your reputation is at risk from making a salad You could always serve it as a potato kebab-sicle *ROCK GUITAR MUSIC* POTATO! SALAD! TASTES GOOD WHEN IT HITS MY PALATE I LIKE IT BETTER THAN A BOWL OF SCALLOPS 'CAUSE CREATURES FROM THE SEA ARE GROSS TO EAT YEAH! SALAD! POTATO! TASTES BEST WHEN IT DON'T GOT MAYO I LIKE IT BEST SERVED ON A TORNADO THERE'S A THRILL TO THE DANGER WHEN YOU BITE IT YOU WILL PROBABLY DIE YOU SUCK AT POTATO SALAD OH MY GOD YOU YOU SUCK AT POTATO SALAD OH MY GOD YOU

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  1. I know you are from Vancouver!
    The hiking places and also using millimeters to measure, that is so non American West Coast
    You are so busted, mister. Your identity is not that unknown anymore
    Also, <3 your dogs

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