Valentine’s Day Brownies – You Suck at Cooking (episode 57)

This is a super basic brownie recipe You can find hundreds of variations of it online

just like your significant other [intro music] So take a half [of a] cup of flour and add a touch of love, a cup of sugar, and add in a drop of furiousness Take a third [of a] cup of cocoa powder, and add a spritz of regret Take two eggs and a sliver of ambivalence and half a cup of melted bitter — I mean, butter Wangjangle the dry stuff together

Mix the wet stuff together Then add the wet stuff to the dry stuff until it's just combined so you get this gooey perfection Then take a greasy pan and pour it in You can spread it out with a spatula Ondies [as in onion] on 350°

And in they go *whispers* I love you After around 25 minutes, you can take them out If nothing sticks to the toothpick, you're probably good Then let them set So the easy part's done

Now it's time for the hard part Put the brownies on a plate, then serve with your annual Relationship Flashcard Test [words on all cards are read out loud] Good, I love you, too Oh good I'm attracted to you, too

No, I didn't think you would I was just wondering Oh good, I don't get that inkling, either No, it's just you sort of laugh at his jokes a lot Whatever, Chad's funny, Chad can be funny

Doesn't bother me Next question Aw, thanks, Babe! I don't remember that, either No? I also don't think that would be cool So you passed the test

You can now have some brownies Also, I got you some fresh-baked roses Oh, and by the way, Chad's afraid of spiders, so [outro music] *you should really consider subscribing to YSAC*

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